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Pro: Osiris: International Master Professional Tennis Instructor with forty years of experience under his belt, from Professional Tennis Registry, ITF and USTA Licensed Professional; coming soon to an area near you: His Motto: Teach a person how to play tennis, and you have taught them how to have; discipline, pride, self respect, self confidence, and dignity in themselves.  Let me take this time to give: THANKS AND PRAISES TO: THE " BigO's OAK PARK TENNIS TEAM MATES that assisted me in the last eight years training to make it into the International Tennis Federation Pro Circuit. These men and women can be seen in the photo gallery; Especially: Coach Graham Stilwell, and Andy Durham who told me that I could play on the ATP professional circuit,  coach Solomon Morain,  Mike, Omar, Carlos, Toney, and Robert Jolly. The Oak Park Tennis Team have won several Central Florida Men's Division Titles in the Eastern Copper Division, with Captain: Bink Feldkamp, Gerald Clark, Walter Moore, Andres/Alex Salazar, Paul Ulep, Angelo Daros, Zeca Frandji, Rafeal Bulerin, Jorge Martinez, Doug Mac (beer Judge), Euwart Williams, Charlie Winters, Josh Thomas, Max, Romi, and all the other players at The Oak Park Tennis Center Courts... May Jah bless all of you men and women always. Legends like BigO are not always seen, but will always be heard...

Enjoy my videos and pictures with some of the Oak Park Community Tennis Center team mates; like Cody also known as Cowboy; a bio., of myself towards bottom of this page. See you soon; now on the International Tennis Federation Pro. Circuit Tour... contact me at: Email: For tennis lessons: call Coach Solomon Morin/Toney at: 407-738-9815. They can be seen on Tuesday/Thursday/Saturday at the Oak Park Community Tennis Center Courts from 5:30 - 9:30 pm across from Kissimmee Oak Street Post Office.

Pro: Osiris Mtugoban... aka... bigO:  Oak Part Tennis Team October 12, 2013


President: Hon: Barack Obama; setting the standards and discipline for the future generation: Lets not forget we started at the bottom, and now we are here... The whole team is here, lets move forward, and never backward... Jamaica also have the first black woman Priminister... Hon: Portia Simpson Miller... 



My champion of the future.... coming soon... BigO


Pro: Osiris ( aka...BigO ).  Osiris is a seasoned and well established International Master Tennis Instructor, with forty years of teaching experience under his belt. He's a humble and patient man from the Blue Mountains Hills of Jamaica in Portland, (where the Blue Mountain Coffee of Jamaica is grown), who is travelling the fifty states, and two hundred  and fifty-one countries he's licensed to teach in. Pro: Osiris have taught at these prestigious institutions; Camp Mah-Kee-Nac, Lenox Massachusetts,  Sport and Health, Falls Church, Virginia,  Arlington Tennis and Squash Club, Sport & Health Chrystal City Gateway, Sport & Health at the Hilton Hotel, Washington, DC, Arthur Ashe Tennis Center in Atlanta, Ashburn Village Sport Pavilion, in Virginia, Cascades Tennis Association, Virginia, WTS International Inc.,  and Cindy Hummel Tennis Center in Auburndale Florida. This is a letter written by the author
Donna Kauffman to: Ali Hutchenson: ( General Manager of The Ashburn Village Sport Pavilion in Virginia). I just wanted to take a moment let you know how much I am enjoying the tennis instructions, I have been receiving from Pro: Osiris. I was first introduced to him when he took over the Quick Start Program Tennis Classes last year. I was so impressed with what I learned just in one class that I signed up for private classes with him the following week (something I hadn't contemplated doing until that class). I just completed my first ten packs of lessons with  him; and I am very happy with him, and I am very happy with the improvement to my game, so much that I immediately signed up for more lessons. I also continue to take Quick Start group lessons from him as well. He's informative and packs as much into a one hour session as possible, while also making it fun and challenging me to
improve. I hope he continues to be available through Ashburn Village Sport Pavilion for a long time to come... This letter was written by one of America Top novelist, who took six month of lessons with me... "Donna Kuffman" who have written over fifty romantic novels like... The Big Bad (BigO) Wolf, Holy Pie, Kate Angel, and many more... blocks           

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